About us | 1997-2014

Dear friends,

The idea of founding this association which includes the immigrants of Ribeira Quente residing in Montreal and its surroundings, came around September 28th 1996 at the banquet hall of Santa Cruz church. This is where the 20th anniversary of Sky Queen band and first fellowship was celebrated in honour of the St. Paul of Ribeira Quente. The event was organized by the businessman Luis Arruda. After this event many people demonstrated a strong desire for other events to happen on a regular basis.

Excited by the idea of having these events, Joao Paulino Linhares, Natalina Furtado, Mário Carvalho, António Costa, Liberato Furtado, Angelo Peixoto, Victor Carvalho, José Manuel Pimentel and João Gonçalo united themselves on October 19th 1996 to properly fund the association and also to set their goals.

First interim direction:

President:                 Joao Paulino Linhares
Vice President:        Liberato Furtado
Secretary:                 Mario Carvalho
Treasurer:                 António Costa
Directors:                  Natalina Furtado, Victor Carvalho, José Linhares, John Goncalo, Angelo Peixoto , José Domingues Silva .

The drafting of its statutes and legalization of the Association was only possible with the collaboration of the accountant Emanuel Linhares Mariense son of parents immigrants from Ribeira Quente.

It was on January 15th 1997 that the Association “Saudades da Terra QuebeQuente” association was officially registered in the province of Quebec. Ever since, as expected, every month of April, there is the “Festa Do Chicharro” better known as the “party of the mackerel” and in September there is the cultural night in honour of St. Paul of Ribeira Quente. Every year men and women are shown honour as they bring examples of life for all of us. On the nights of these two events, Portuguese artists will fly out and come perform and also Portuguese people who don’t necessarily reside in Portugal.  

Today, the “QuebeQuente Association” is very well known in Montreal to have had many successful events. These events are taken to heart starting from the directors of the association until the family and friends who dedicate a big part of their time to represent a very special pland for them. 

Every year the association makes it a point to make donations to many organizations. In the azores the donations go particularly to the church of St. Paul. Closer to home in Montreal, the association is very proud to support a group of women every year as they walk for “the relay for life cancer walk”. The associate also sponsors a group of young Portuguese boys who play soccer for the league CLUB JP.

It has been about 10 years that the association makes donations when natural disasters such as flooding happen in Portugal in order to help suffering citizens. Locally they honour the ones who have passed away by sending flowers.

Every year they have a meeting with the members in order to go over the financial side and to elect new board members. The treasurer is held responsible to bring the financial statements that can insure a positive future for the association. The association takes no link with any political party in Canada as in Portugal.

We hope to make it continue with the help of all of you!